Current Industry

Enterprise SaaS

Date Joined

January 24, 2021

Referred By

Tom Guthrie


I've spent a majority of my career specializing in B2B SaaS across functions (product, implementation, strategy & ops, technical account management) and sub-industries (HRTech, LogisticsTech, ComplianceTech). I've led small teams in these functions for ~4 years.

As CoS at Laika, I have built a reputation as a cross-functional operator, equally successful in delivering both tactical initiatives (creating stage appropriate HR and Finance processes) and strategic initiatives (designing business plan and executing on new line of business).

Top Areas of Focus

Strategy & Planning
Business Operations

CoS Start Date

Jun 11, 2020

Current Industry

Enterprise SaaS

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Previous Experience

Pro Tip

Speak with every team member at least once a quarter - keeps you grounded and aware across levels.


1. Expertise in information security and data privacy compliance. 2. Expertise in scaling early stage startups from sub-20 to 100+ employees.


1. Learn how to better support my co-founders and leadership team. 2. Gain a network of like-minded, jack-of-all-trades professionals. 3. Gain safe space to discuss challenges and solutions in my personal and professional development.



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