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HealthTech / Healthcare

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September 23, 2021

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Hello -- I'm Delaney! I stepped into the Chief of Staff role at Human API in August 2021. This position is new to both me and the company. My education is in Behavioral Neuroscience and I spent the first few years of my career in neurobiology laboratories. I then moved to Senegal for a two year Peace Corps contract, working in rural public health. Following my evacuation due to the COVID-19 health crisis in March of 2020, I came out to San Francisco for a job with the US Department of Health and Human Services before transitioning in into my current position at Human API. As you can see, I have a diverse working history and am eager to grow in this role and learn as much as possible from more experienced members of this network. Reach out anytime!

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Business Operations
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HealthTech / Healthcare

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-Share insights with and support other new Chiefs of Staff as they begin the often stressful process of acclimating to a new company/role -Share my experiences thus far supporting a VC funding round and how I have been leveraged throughout the diligence process -I have a strong background in the biological sciences and public health, making me a great resource for those who may be working in health tech or bio tech without a direct background in the sectors -I bring fresh perspective on what it's like to hold this position in a face paced mid stage health tech start up with no business or finance education/experience and can speak to the stresses of making large career shifts


-Network and learn from more experienced Chiefs of Staff -Partake in seminars and events to build a better understanding of this role and how to add value at my company -My company is undergoing a D series VC funding round, so I'd like to connect with others that have been through the due diligence process and can offer insights into how to navigate -Grow my understanding of this role beyond supporting the funding process



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