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David Lottman

Hey everyone, I am a Chief of Staff to the head of Horizontal Tech for Capital One Software. I started my career within tech recruiting, pivoted to agile delivery with tech and have landed in my new role as chief of staff earlier this year. Personally, I love this role and the ambiguity you have to work through each day. My mind works to constantly solve problem and improve efficiencies, so it seems like a good fit so far! Furthermore, I appreciate the opportunity to help my Leader, Leadership and line of business in any way necessary to remove impediments and assist in our collective growth. I was pointed to this network through a mentor and feel it can provide the necessary opportunities to continue my growth and allow me to provide the best support to my leaders! A fun fact, I personally love to cook (more room for improvement there too!😊) and would love to open up a restaurant some time in my lifetime.

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