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Courtney Robinson

I love finding better ways to do things. I believe everyone has the potential to contribute in a unique way, and I enjoy helping people tap into their strengths to maximize their power and drive positive outcomes.

I have nearly 25 years of experience across five industries, with a strong focus on executive communications and leadership coaching. I currently serve as the Senior Director, Chief of Staff to the CFO at Citrix, where I oversee team operations and lead strategic initiatives. I work across functions, ensuring people understand executives’ vision so they can stay aligned with corporate strategy and drive results. I look for ways to reduce friction, increase understanding, and help teams change direction when necessary.

I am passionate about education – both as a teacher and a learner. I have a Bachelor of Arts in English from La Salle University, a Master of Science in Magazine from Syracuse University, and a Doctor of Business Administration degree from Wilmington University. I hold the designation Accredited in Public Relations (APR) and have served as an adjunct instructor at La Salle, teaching public relations and business writing. I am a Gallup-certified Strengths Coach.

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Change Management
Exec Team Organization & Mgmt
Internal Comms
Project Management

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Every CoS role is different, depending on the executive. Talk with your manager about their strengths and yours to understand how you complement each other and how you can help the business together.


Communications messaging/positioning advice, leadership coaching


I'm interested in best practices, learning about others' experiences, and navigating CoS career paths