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Brianna Mundy

A program/project manager at heart, and early on in my career - I've been serving in a Chief of Staff role now for 4 years. I've had experience in most parts of the software development lifecycle along with infrastructure and IT. I love the tech industry, and hope to continue working in tech for a very long time. My favorite part about a COS role is the variability and change. I'm always challenged with some new and exciting problem to solve, so it never gets boring. I also really enjoy supporting and managing executive leadership teams, to promote better communication and function overall. I'm excited to network and hear about things others in the role are doing, and in particular, approaching problems I may not be tasked to solve yet (but likely will be!). I'm located in the RTP area, have a mini-schnauzer named Boomer, and am OBSESSED with playing golf.

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Business Operations
Business Transformation / Org Change
Exec Team Organization & Mgmt
Internal Comms
Organizational Structure
People & Culture
Performance Development
Project Management
Strategy & Planning
Team Offsites & External Events
Legal & Compliance
Change Management

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Mar 1, 2019

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Always challenge something when the fastest way isn't the right way.


A vast array of problems and approaches I've taken over the years.


Networking, ideas, approaches and difference in perspective.