Brian Habacivch

I’m an enthusiastic professional with 5+ years’ experience in financial services (investment banking and growth equity) that is based in New York. After engaging with founders and management teams during sourcing and transactions, gaining a deeper understanding of pattern recognition and working across my portfolio companies, I am eager to transition into an operational role – namely, secure a Chief of Staff position. I am hoping to learn about individual experiences from current and past Chief of Staffs, engage with the community to expand my network and gain further insights around how to secure the right CoS position, as well as offer any help to the community around my areas of expertise (finance, M&A, fundraising, etc.). Fun Fact: In 2013, my friend and I snuck into Fenway Park to see the Red Sox ultimately win Game 6 and the World Series.

Top Areas of Focus

Business Operations
Finance & Accounting
Fundraising and Investor Relations
Growth/Sales & Marketing
M&A/ Corp Dev
Strategy & Planning
Fundraising & Investor Relations
M&A / Corp Dev

CoS Start Date

Current Industry

Company Size




Previous Experience

Pro Tip


(i) Whatever I can offer around my professional experience / fields of expertise


(i) Learn from community members' experiences (ii) Networking (iii) Mentorship