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Brenna Miller

Currently Chief of Staff to the CEO of connectRN; connectRN is the leading nurse community, created to connect nurses with each other, provide career support and deliver flexible work opportunities. By leveraging technology the platform allows access to work opportunities and vital resources nurses need to build a thriving career. connectRN is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts and serves clinicians across the U.S. To learn more about connectRN, please visit joined connectRN as my first job out of the Bentley Leadership MBA program in 2019, with the intent of helping to build a still very small, but promising and mission-driven startup. I've been with connectRN now through 10x growth, first building out the billing, AR, and treasury functions during the pandemic, a time of intense rapid growth. I transitioned to Chief of Staff in 2021. Since then, with a growth mindset, endurance and powerful 1:1 connections with my colleagues, I’ve been fortunate to have facilitated several impactful initiatives through to completion across the org. I’ve become a more strategic thinker, logical problem solver and team leader through the experience, and am grateful for the opportunities to grow in tandem with the company. Solutions-oriented, a stronger communicator, and a proven ability to work cross functionally to achieve goals and inspire results. Now hooked on growth and driving the company forward via an unwavering commitment to partnership, both internal and external. My primary projects as Chief of Staff have been managing & growing our business insurance program; managing, growing and facilitating our banking/financing relationships, scouting and opening new offices, and management of office operations. I am proud of the contributions I’ve made to connectRN, and our mission of improving the nurse experience - something that literally impacts everyone. We all have nurses we know, love, and depend on for care. connectRN is here to build the future of healthcare with them, for the benefit of all. Business Insurance | Banking & Finance | Office Management | Relationship Manager | Treasury Management | Cash Flow Optimization | Real Estate Scouting | Deal Closer | Strategic Initiatives | DSO Reduction | Staff Management & Development | Cash Projection & Reporting | G Suite | CRM | SOX Compliance | Budgeting | Billing | Reconciliations | Credit & Collections | Business Analysis | Strategic Planning | Financial Analysis | Expert MS Excel | SalesForce | Oracle | NetSuite | Quickbooks

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