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January 5, 2021

Referred By

Björn Fedder

I spent the last years in several different roles in startup-land: I founded and exited a food-startup, launched an early-stage accelerator and lead the operational side of a Series-B startup while scaling it from 30 to 200 people.

All of this taught me a lot, especially about myself. I figured out that I love building and scaling organizations and learned that the most important component to building successful companies is its people. That's why I love to help passionate founders and their key employees (like you, as a CoS) to build organizations and structures that really work.

In my current role, I am doing just that with a handful of Series-A companies to set them up for scaling and winning big time!

Top Areas of Focus

Strategy & Planning
Organizational Structure
Change Management

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Previous Experience

Chief Of Staff at Wunder Mobility

Pro Tip

Clarity enables speed - create clarity.




  • Building operational structures that work on a scale
  • Understanding dynamics in teams to set them up for success


  • I have consciously put myself into a lot of uncomfortable situations in the past years to get outside of my comfort zone and grow as a person
  • Whatever role I was in and despite pressure, stress and uncertainty I always prioritized the team and the people - treating them in a fair way and helping them to be successful was my highest priority. This massively benefits me today because of the trustful & warm relationships I am able to keep with the people I met in my professional career.