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HealthTech / Healthcare

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February 27, 2023

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Barbara A Gibbons

I have over 14 years health care administration experience. I have a bachelor's degree in healthcare administration and a masters degree in Organizational Leadership.

I have been working at my current organization for 3 years and have been recently promoted to a new CoS role. This position is new to both the organization as well as to me. I hope to gain as much knowledge as possible to be effective and valuable in my role.

Fun Fact: The organization I work for is amazing and touches over 81,000 lives.

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Project Management
People & Culture
Organizational Structure
Internal Comms
Fundraising and Investor Relations
Exec Team Organization & Mgmt
Business Operations

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HealthTech / Healthcare

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When trying to get buy-in on a new concept help the stakeholders understand how the initiative will benefit them personally.


Currently, I can only offer this community an inquisitive mind.


I am seeking from the CoS Network Community tips for being productive as well as tips for how to help the C-suite be the most productive in their roles.