Current Industry

HealthTech / Healthcare

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March 17, 2021

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I joined Kindbody in July 2019 as employee #20 and the first Sales hire. After winning 24 deals and helping build the team, the department, and our solution I was tapped to be the CoS for both our CEO & President.

Prior to Kindbody I spent 6 years in Sales & Sales Training & Coaching at a Fortune 200 company focused in healthcare diagnostics. Born and raised in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio but since graduating from The Ohio State University I've lived in 5 states across the US, now calling NYC home with my husband and our rescue dog, Larry!

Top Areas of Focus

Exec Team Organization & Mgmt
Fundraising & Investor Relations
Organizational Structure
Strategy & Planning

CoS Start Date

Nov 1, 2020

Current Industry

HealthTech / Healthcare

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Previous Experience

Pro Tip

Never let them see you sweat, maintain a smile and calm/positive demeanor


Fast-pace, growth startup experience (started as employee #20 and now 400+) Healthcare knowledge (but still learning everyday) Tactfully pushing back with grace


would love to learn more about VC fundraising & prepping for IPO! tips, tricks and lessons learned all welcome!



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