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Anna Pearl Wright

Hello! I've been at SteadyMD about 4 years - started in an entry level position. My 1st day on the job, my then boss described it as "mystical" - we had no idea what I'd be doing, just that there was a general need. Since then, I've handled everything from accounting / data / state registrations to building & running our People team to handling special projects from an acquisition to Atlassian setup. I've since been in the CoS role about 6 months. I've loved working here & have been grateful for the opportunity to grow up with this startup. I learned a lot about the CoS role via your blogs / LI posts, and I'm looking to expand my network & learn even more. Looking forward to hearing from you

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Exec Team Organization & Mgmt
People & Culture
Project Management

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Mar 8, 2023

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