Current Industry

HealthTech / Healthcare

Date Joined

March 22, 2021

Referred By

Allison Miller

I have 10 years of leadership experience in the corporate world and eight years of leadership in the community/volunteerism for local nonprofit organizations. I have a background in sales and marketing as well as a MBA in Marketing and Strategic Leadership. I have been a very heavy-hitting EA to CEOs with significant program/project management until I was promoted to a Chief of Staff role at Access Healthcare. My position is not clearly defined. I am seeking to join the Chief of Staff Network as an avenue to make my position more robust and bring my best talent to the role as well as bring my resources and network to the table for others.

Top Areas of Focus

No items found.

CoS Start Date

Aug 1, 2019

Current Industry

HealthTech / Healthcare

Company Size



6 to 10

Previous Experience

Pro Tip

Be the most nimble, flexible and open to change leader in the room.


I have an amazing network and ability to solve problems as well as great program/project management skills.


I want to be able to strengthen my role in my organization by learning from others. I also look forward to bringing my experience and network to be able to help others.