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HealthTech / Healthcare

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October 1, 2021

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Aidan Andrews

I'm a recent graduate from Carleton College with degrees in Economics and Political Economy (m.). I've always been interested in Healthcare; I like to work on hard problems and healthcare is definitely full of them. I've interned in asset management (Cambridge Associates), pharmaceutical (Pfizer) and investment banking (TripleTree Healthcare M&A), but found I'm most interested in being a part of business building rather than in advisory role.

Top Areas of Focus

Exec Team Organization & Mgmt
Strategic Partnerships / BD
Strategy & Planning
Performance Development

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Current Industry

HealthTech / Healthcare

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0 to 2

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Pro Tip

"Things are only impossible until they're not" – A corny quote from a fortune cookie that I've kept since I was 12


While much of my previous knowledge and skills are not directly applicable to the position of CoS (more technical background), I'm determined to learn. I have a strong attention to detail and determined work ethic (sometimes to a fault). I think my most valuable skill is my ability to receive feedback and deploy that feedback in how I operate.


While I understand I won't be as immediately helpful to others as someone who has been in the CoS for some time, I'm a fast, determined study and am looking to do just that with the help of the members in the community. In essence, I am looking to be a learner and observer of sorts at the forefront with the expectation of paying that knowledge and experience forward.