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Aditi Bhatia

Aditi is the Chief of Staff at Capitalize, an early-stage fintech company based in New York that is on a mission to make saving for retirement easy. She was previously an early hire at Otis, a venture-backed platform for fractionalized investments in art and collectibles. At Otis, she built and scaled acquisitions and led a number of cross-functional projects from strategy to execution across sales, legal & regulatory, finance, and biz ops. Aditi started her career in finance as an investment banker and an investor.

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Jan 25, 2021

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6 to 10

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Schedule 1-1s with everyone on the team early on, it goes a long way towards building trust.


Fundraising, biz ops, recruiting


I'm hoping to gain a community of other Chiefs of Staff to exchange ideas and advice - I'm relatively new to this role and despite having similar professional experience, I'm realizing that I'd be more effective at my job if I had people to reach out to with questions. I'm also looking forward to sharing what I've learned.