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September 10, 2021

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Abigail Yun

Hi, I am Abby.

My academic roots are in finance/accounting and I started my career on Wall Street primarily focused on equity capital markets (IPOs). Albeit a fabulous experience, decided it wasn't for me pretty quickly and made an exit to MongoDB to join their Strategic Finance team. Learned a ton there but honestly wasn't super excited about the idea of being a CFO or database software. Personally, I am super passionate about the potential of food technology to solve myriad devastating realities we are facing as a human race (yes, a shameless vegan). At the time, I had a mounting interest and burning desire to join the space after becoming involved in the growing, early-stage investor community.

My husband and I made the move out to SF which is when I joined Geltor as the first Business Development hire. I've spent the last year focused on building our go-to-market strategy, strategic partnerships, and leading the commercialization for our latest biodesigned product. Along the way, I developed a close relationship with the founders, specifically the CEO - who recently proposed the idea of CoS. I said yes, and here I am!

Super excited to connect with more folks in the network.

Top Areas of Focus

Fundraising & Investor Relations
M&A / Corp Dev
Organizational Structure
Strategic Partnerships / BD

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Aug 30, 2021

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Strategic Partnerships @ Geltor

Pro Tip

Block off focus time on your calendar.


Background in banking capital markets (IPOs), strategic finance at software company, biotech/alternative protein industry knowledge; B2B commercialization biotech


Connect with other CoS, folks in high growth tech/biotech, alternative protein/food tech, etc.; build my CoS tool kit, learn from others on how to be most effective in the role, share war stories; hiring


Talking all things synthetic biology Connecting dots