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Aug 10, 2021
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Sep 10, 2021

We've got an exciting full-time, W-2 salaried job opening for a Portfolio Operations Manager at the Calm Company Fund.

About us

Calm Company Fund is an early-stage investor in software and software-enabled companies. We're a team of founders and makers focused on funding entrepreneurs who want to build sustainable, profitable businesses. Calm Company Fund created the Shared Earnings Agreement (the "SEAL") for more founder-aligned terms on which to build a business. Since our launch, we've invested in 40+ startups with two portfolio exits.

We believe:

  • ‍Calm Companies are patient and have long-term ambitions.
  • Calm Companies stand by their convictions, even in hectic times.
  • Calm Companies prioritize physical and mental health across the entire team.
  • Calm Companies don’t sacrifice long-term sustainability of the business for short-term growth.

Are you excited by the prospect of changing the norms of startup investing and venture capital? Do you love supporting founders by meeting them where they are and lending a helping hand? Want to have a unique inside-look at how a venture fund and operating company works? If so, this might just be the role for you.

Now let's answer some questions you might have👇

Who will I be joining?

We're currently a group of 7 people (and growing), all fully distributed since our first investment in 2019. We're big believers in remote work and have invested in many companies that drive this vision forward like Callingly, Yac, and FirstBase, to name a few.

You'll work most closely with, and report to, Matt (Head of Finance & Operations), though you'll definitely be collaborating with the entire team.

What will I be doing as Portfolio Operations Manager?

Here's what we'll expect:

  • You'll support our Head of Finance & Operations with day-to-day operations. Specifically, you'll ****be responsible for managing our quarterly Shared Earnings & financial reporting process, analyzing portfolio company financials to identify and communicate insights across the portfolio, and providing overall finance & operations support to the team. We have a world-class fund administration team who runs our back office that you'll likely work closely with.

  • **You'll talk to our Limited Partners/Investors and help level up our investor relations efforts. **We have a large base of Limited Partners (in our funds) and investors (in our management company) that we communicate with regularly. We'd like to improve how we stay in touch with our LPs/investors. This is ideally more than ho-hum monthly reports and updates — we have a ton of very smart folks in our ecosystem that add value to everything we do.

  • You'll serve as a valuable resource to our founders. You'll work with our founders who are looking to us to support them with key needs, you'll be there as a resource to help answer their questions, connect dots across the portfolio, and bring new insights to the table.

  • You will not be limited to just your role's responsibilities. Everyone at the Calm Company Fund acts as a founder. You'll be able and expected to take what you are hearing on the front lines and collaborate with our product team to deliver new features and improvements to our platform and processes.

What will my first 90 days look like?

Below are some examples of things you might encounter in your first three months at the Calm Company Fund:

  • Get up to speed on our funds’ performance and dig into (and help improve) our financial models
  • Learn and document our primary fund & portfolio management processes
  • Connect with all of our portfolio companies (as of this writing, that's ~40 calm companies across 2 funds)
  • Attend bi-weekly All-Hands meetings and Team Hangout sessions
  • Share your thoughts! We've been building in public since Day 1 and we'd love for you to join us in transparently improving how we work

What should I be okay with if I were to join?

  • Working cross-functionally on a small, close-knit team of 7 (and growing)
  • A fully distributed company: by definition, you need to be ok working at home or in a co-working space
  • Speaking up and advocating for yourself: one of the benefits, and responsibilities, of working distributed and asynchronously is having the flexibility to manage your own workload and time in coordination with the team. Needing help is totally expected and ok, but you'll need to be comfortable asking for it (we all do it!)
  • The unknown: this role is likely to change over time as we grow and evolve, so being in for helping support our mission and being comfortable with change is necessary.
  • Taking breaks: we walk the talk. Though we're often moving quickly and juggling a lot at once, we ruthlessly prioritize as needed and consciously make an effort to slow down and breathe when possible.

What kind of experience or background should I have?

The following items are guide-rails. Don't feel like you need to neatly check each box. If you love the role, we'd love to hear from you.

  • You're relatively early in your career (~1-4 years) or are looking to change directions into a new function/industry
  • You enjoy number crunching, have strong analytical ability, and good numeracy. You might have a finance, accounting, or consulting background (e.g. banking, corporate finance, audit, accounting, management consulting, etc.), but that's not required — we're not afraid to teach subject matter knowledge.
  • You're a systems thinker and builder. You may have worked in an operations role in the past where you needed to create, run, and optimize processes from scratch, or you might just be the person your friends always rely on to organize a trip. You're organized, but flexible enough to "roll with the punches."
  • You're service-oriented and naturally prioritize the success of the team over individual accolades/accomplishments. You value and appreciate the work that gets done behind the scenes to make the hard stuff seem easy.
  • You have at least some general sense of how various business models work and like thinking about how to improve them. You may have started a business yourself, and probably sold lemonade at some point in your life.
  • You know what you don't know and aren't afraid to admit it, but you're also able to learn quickly.

What does compensation look like?

For this role, we’re targeting a salary range of $60k - $80k, flexible for the right candidate based on experiences and background.

You'll also get:

  • Participation in our "carry sharing" bonus plan (i.e. upside in the success of all of our funds)
  • A monthly stipend to spend at your discretion, on anything from home office upgrades, gym memberships, yoga classes, meals, plants to make you happy, etc. Anything that helps you be your best self.
  • Health Insurance Premium reimbursements for qualifying plans.
  • Fully remote, asynchronous, and calm means flexible working hours and encouraged time-off.

What does the interview process look like?

We'll review your application. So long as you are thoughtful in your application, we aim to get back to you as promptly as possible.

  • Part 1: A 60-minute interview with our Head of Finance & Operations
  • Part 2: A brief exercise to demonstrate your skills (don't worry, this is on the scale of ~1-2 hours) ****
  • Part 3: An interview/call with other key members of the team (General Partner, Head of Platform, Head of Product & Marketing)

When you're ready, please apply in the form below. We're looking forward to hearing from you! Calm Company Fund is an equal opportunity employer and encourages candidates from all backgrounds to apply.

Let's support more calm companies together.

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