Director of Operations

New Jersey, United States
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Jan 27, 2023

Job Title: Director of Operations*

Job Type: Full Time – Remote or In Office – Monday to Friday

*You must have operational management experience working for a non-asset 3PL Logistic company.

Job Overview:

The primary function of this position is to ensure that the company's day-to-day operations run smoothly. This high-level candidate will be responsible for ensuring that effective methods are put into place and maintained so the company runs at maximum productivity. This role requires someone with the ability to think on their feet and make quick decisions with little hesitation.

The Director of Operations's primary responsibilities includes overseeing the supervision of employees and ensuring the proper training of new, as well as current staff. The Director will be expected to cultivate a work environment that encourages teamwork, energy, and creativity. They will have strong leadership, problem-solving, and written/verbal communication skills to achieve this.

Key Responsibilities

· Oversee the Account Management and Carrier Operations team and work side by side with department leads to ensure operational success (Carrier Sales and After Hours department)

· Improvement of current business processes

· Conduct scheduled meetings with team members to stay in the loop

· Implementation of new guidelines and strategies and efficient roll-out strategies

· Ensure all company processes and regulations are being adhered to

· Oversee customer service and ensure that our practices are meeting customer satisfaction goals

· Communicate information to the departments filtered for management

· Implement quality management and regulatory compliance strategies

· Conduct performance reviews and disciplinary meetings

· Have an excellent understanding of all current customer accounts

· Execute successful onboarding processes for new customer accounts

· Ensure the after-hours team is handling and relaying all necessary information to the Account Management team each morning and help communicate pending issues to the team

· Assist in solving complicated problems that may occur in our customer's loads

· Constantly monitor customer revenue and profitability metrics and analyze areas of concern to execute improvement strategies

Experience Requirements

· 2 or more years of proven operational management experience within a non-asset 3PL

· Strong organizational skills

· Proven operational management experience within a non-asset 3PL

· Ability to multitask

· Be able to coordinate with other departments

· Excellent project, planning, change, and time management capabilities.

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