Director of Business Operations

Calgary, AB
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Dec 7, 2023

5th World Regenerative Agriculture Corporation seeks a motivated business operations person to lead our rapidly growing land regeneration startup. The ideal candidate must be committed to our mission to support regenerative and anti-fragile practices, changing mindsets, and building new economic systems.

The Director of Business Operations will report directly to the Co-Presidents and support a team of 20+ individuals all over the globe. This role oversee the day-to-day business operations with the goal of supporting cross-functional teams and fostering a collaborative, aligned and high-performing remote work environment.

Similar to a Chief of Staff role, our Director of Business Operations must also work collaboratively with multiple teams to drive goal-setting, accountability, integrated work streams and effective communication.

Lastly, The Director of Business Operations must be committed to promote the company’s vision, philosophy and core values, committed to creating a decentralized organization and committed to empowering the 5th World team to make their own decisions and to develop leaders via servant leadership.


  • Collaborating with the Co-Presidents to develop and execute the company’s strategic plans, objectives and initiatives
  • Work with company directors to help them develop and be accountable to their strategies and OKRs
  • Oversee all functional areas of the company, monitor and support progress
  • Develop and implement policies and procedures to ensure compliance with all regulatory and legal requirements
  • Identify key areas of friction within the company and work with teammates to develop solutions, systems and processes, to address them
  • Provide clear communication internally to teammates
  • Act as a key liaison between the Co-Presidents and other team members, ensuring efficient and effective communication
  • Measure and report on company performance to the Co-Presidents regularly
  • Support in identifying and pursuing new business opportunities that promote the company's values and mission


  • A degree in Engineering, Business Administration or a related field (or a way to demonstrate expertise in said areas via experience)
  • 8+ years' experience in consulting or startups
  • Interest in technology, agriculture, economic and governance systems
  • Ability to roll up sleeves and get hands dirty
  • Proven track record of meeting performance targets
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to build and lead high-performing teams
  • Some travel may be required

Working at 5th World

We are a fast-growing land regeneration company that aims to use decentralized economic systems to incentivize land regeneration and healthy human stewardship with nature. Our mission is to transition from the present paradigm of unsustainable land management practices to a paradigm shift of adopting mass-scale, antifragile practices to regenerate the earth’s ecosystems. We are an international team of 20+ people with a home base in British Columbia, Canada.

We accomplish our mission by…

  • Consulting on specific land regeneration and food security projects
  • Training and certifying consultants who help land stewards regenerate their land
  • Developing cutting-edge monitoring and verifying systems that measure the progress in land regeneration
  • Building financial mechanisms to enable and incentivize the adoption of regenerative and anti-fragile practices

5th World’s Philosophy, Policy & Core Values

5th World’s philosophy is based on the principles of freedom and liberty.

People have rights and are free to make choices in pursuit of their own self-interest.

5th World’s business model is based on the idea of free market capitalism.

People are free to engage in commerce, without interference, to make and reinvest profits.

5th World is an apolitical organization built upon core values and practice enlightened self-interest. The core values are:

  • ‘Do the right thing.’
  • Fairness & Caring
  • Truth & Respect
  • Generous Listening
  • Straight Talk
  • Politics, religion and social issues have become topics that can affect the rights of others (i.e. through censorship or coercion), violate 5th World’s core values (i.e. censorship and coercion is not fair, is not caring, is not respectful, and does not cultivate trust) and distracts from achieving 5th World’s goals. As such, 5th World’s policy is to not recognize, support or participate in political or social matters.*

5th World teammates focus on using a solutions-oriented mindset.

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