Chief of Staff to Director of Infrastructure

Chicago, IL
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Mar 10, 2024


As the senior deputy to the Director of Infrastructure , this person acts in concert with, and with the authority of the Director of Infrastructure to drive Infrastructure operations . This means ensuring that the team work s seamlessly, helps drive the managing and reporting on critical projects, releasing the Director to attend to strategic and macro architecture concepts as much as possible .

Defines and drives the “ operations and administration ” of I nfrastructure ensuring initiatives are well tracked, data collected and analyzed (both financial and operational) , services are priced and allocated properly, projects are combined and reported on effectively, staff is properly managed and supported and businesses are coordinated with effectively.


  • Mature , refine , and deliver the division-wide view of the Infrastructure organization ; analyze recruitment planning, project delivery, budget variance, and team resourcing and time-tracking data ;
  • For Infrastructure-specific projects, d rive initiative prioritization with in the team, and provide visibility to these priorities to the PMO to then balance across the needs of the business . Help ensure that teams plan projects with sufficient benefit and cost analysis to ensure the right priorities are selected and executed.
  • Summarize technology architecture decisions affecting the firm’s processes, for discussion at business CIO quarterly meetings ;
  • Partner with the Associate Directors to communicate the consumption/use of Infrastructure resources , currently using an allocation-based model, and transitioning ultimately to cost-per- service;
  • In conjunction with the PMO, o versee projects in the Infrastructure department, coordinating the team with global counterparts and – as necessary - with the various businesses, operations, risk, legal, compliance, HR and revenue generating information technology (IT) departments infrastructure is dependent upon
  • Conduct first review of FP&A from IT Director of Finance outcomes from the budget planning sessions for presentation to Director of Infrastructure .
  • Identify areas of significant time or effort investment for potential to refactor or improve processes.
  • Support the PMO in reporting of project portfolio e fforts, with decision tree analysis for prioritization and resource allocation.
  • Experience across network, compute and storage areas of infrastructure. Can talk the talk enough to both understand challenges to help Director of Infrastructure understand where attention needs to be provided, as well as earn credibility with discipline leaders that this role is vested with the team on delivering results.
  • Works with Director of Infrastructure to f oster a success-oriented, team effort, accountable environment within the Infrastructure team . Foster an environment of positivity and collaboration within teams, among all accounting, across groups, and across the globe
  • Helps drive goal setting, employee evaluation and feedback.
  • This list of responsibilities may not be all-inclusive and can be expanded to include other duties or responsibilities as needed.


  • Strong project management and knowledge of optimized reporting of technical KPI’s, KRI’s and financial metrics
  • 10+ years supporting technical units with project oversight capabilities (business analyst, PM, agile delivery, etc.)
  • Experience with resource utilization analysis and reporting
  • Strong experience with Microsoft Excel, including lookup functions, pivot tables, timelines and slices.
  • Strong communication skills both verbal and written . Strong visualization skills ( PowerPoint , Visio , Power BI) to help represent utilization
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Mar 10, 2024
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