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Feb 2, 2024

We are Loop

We redefine what an earplug should sound, look and feel like. Whether it’s hearing protection or comfort for your ears, Loop enables you to live life at your volume. Our founders Maarten and Dimitri started Loop back with a big idea. And a chronic ringing in their ears. Since then, we’ve helped more than 2,000,000 customers around the world to find quiet, enjoy great experiences and keep unwanted noises at bay. In 2022 we grew from 35 to 120 Loopers and this year we'll double the current team once again. Our Headquarters is based in Antwerp, with many employees dotted across Europe and the world.

Not to brag about it, but we've recently been named the fastest-growing technology company in Belgium (according to Deloitte - October 2022 awards), and The New York Times named us ‘best earplugs for concerts and thousands of noise-sensitive customers call us ‘a life changer’. Pretty cool, right?

Here's more about Maarten & Dimitri's founders story:

This is a hybrid position, and the opportunity is open for candidates in the following Locations (Antwerp, Belgium) & (Amsterdam, Netherlands) & (New York, New York, USA).

About The Role

Marie Kondo can pack her bags with you in charge, you bring clarity, control and structure to the messiest places. You know like no-one else how to get a fresh leadership team together, organized and pointing in the same direction. Sounds like you? Great! We’re looking for a Chief of Staff in our transformation of growth.

With big plans of growing a global team to 500 before the end of 2024 and even 800 by the end of 2025, you’ll be supporting us with strategic topics and turning chaos in a fast-paced environment into a well aligned choreography. We have a new leadership team in place and new organizational structures are to be defined. This role is pivotal in orchestrating this growth, aligning departments, and driving key initiatives. It involves managing complex, strategic projects and acting as a bridge between the Co-founders and other senior executives. You will help us harmonize our expanding operations and strategy by acting as a strategic advisor, supporting our decision making with data and making sure all executives are informed and up to date.

To be successful in this role you need to be a true problem solver and find solutions quickly. With your concise communication style, you manage to bring people together and guide them in the same direction. You'll be the strategic linchpin, facilitating communication, aligning departments, and driving key initiatives.

This is more than a role; it's a chance to be at the heart of Loop's evolution, influencing decisions and actions that shape our future.

What you’ll do

  • Strategic planning: you’ll be responsible for aligning departmental strategies with the organization's overall goals, adapting as the company grows and be a trusted advisor who gives honest opinions and different perspectives on strategic topics.
  • Operational efficiency: you’ll streamline operations and improve processes to support the organization's growth and scalability.
  • Leadership support: you’ll provide strategic support and advice to the executive team, aiding in decision-making and planning, making sure the executive team is well informed and ready for all engagements.
  • Organization: you make sure the right people are speaking with each other by organizing meetings and schedules and prepping agendas, briefings, and materials for executive meetings.
  • Communication: you help our founders communicate the vision and decisions to the rest of the company and facilitate communication between the executive and other members of the leadership team, disseminating important information to relevant stakeholders.
  • Project Management: you oversee cross-departmental projects, ensuring they are executed efficiently and align with strategic objectives.
  • Data Analysis: you’ll support strategic decision making by analyzing key data, presenting insights to leadership for actionable strategies.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: you'll represent the company in various external settings, building and maintaining relationships with external stakeholders.
  • Innovation and Change Management: you’ll be the driver of innovation and manage organizational changes effectively, ensuring the company adapts to new opportunities and challenges.

How you'll do it

  • Educational background: Master's degree in business administration, management, or a related field. An MBA or equivalent is highly desirable.
  • Professional experience: at least 8 years in a leading or strategic role, preferably in a fast-paced, growth-oriented environment. Experience in management consulting with a focus on strategic planning is a plus.
  • Strategic acumen: proven ability to develop, implement, and align organizational strategies.
  • Exceptional communication: strong communication and interpersonal skills, capable of writing strategic communications and acting as a communication arm for the Co-founders.
  • Analytical Thinking: robust analytical and problem-solving skills, experienced in financial analysis and corporate strategy.
  • Organizational Skills: outstanding organizational and time-management abilities, adept at handling multiple priorities in a dynamic environment.
  • Adaptability and Innovation: capacity for innovative thinking and adaptability, crucial in a growing company.

The Chief of Staff will directly report to the Co-founders, providing high-level support, coordination, and strategic assistance, enhancing the Co-founders ability to lead and make informed decisions. The position demands a dynamic individual who can navigate through uncertainty and risk, delivering precise and persuasive communication, and fostering collaboration across the organization.


  • Our preference is to have this person work out of one of our hubs in New York, Antwerp or Amsterdam. We can provide relocation assistance to these locations.

Why join us?

  • We’re Belgium’s fastest-growing technology company (according to Deloitte - awarded October 2022), and we want you to grow and improve alongside us.
  • Our culture? We’re all about enabling growth by giving our team full autonomy to manage their own projects, be a thought leader, and truly make an impact on the company.
  • We take care of our people. So, we pay them what they’re worth. Expect a competitive pay in the top 20% of the market rate for your level of experience and potential.
  • Flexibility: For us, hybrid and flexible working is all about trust. And we trust you to get on with your job, so there’ll be no micromanaging or peeking over your shoulder from us.
  • Benefits: Our benefits are all aimed towards looking after your health, and enabling you to live life to the fullest. So everything from health insurance and pension savings to lunch vouchers, cruising credits and the latest tools is covered.

Come as you are, our equal opportunities employer statement

Loop is an equal opportunities employer. We invest in diversity, ensure equality and encourage expression. We have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment, bias or discrimination towards applicants and employees.

Live life at your volume. 🎶 We'll take care of your ears.

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Feb 2, 2024
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