Stealth Aviation Startup

Stealth Aviation Startup

Chief of Staff

San Francisco, CA
Jul 16, 2021
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Chief of Staff, Stealth Aviation Startup


San Francisco, CA


This is a well-compensated role with a significant equity component, given that this person will be one of the company’s first employees. We are open to a wide variety of experience levels for this role, and salary will be commensurate with that experience.

About the company

This stealth aviation startup is taking advantage of advances in materials science, automated manufacturing, and recent regulatory changes to redefine how you travel by air.

The founder and CEO is a big picture thinker, pragmatic problem solver, and an unconventional builder. As a type-rated turbojet pilot that started building high-performance personal aircraft at age 17, he’s dedicated more than half of his life to advancing aerospace technologies. Previously, he bootstrapped a D2C manufacturing shop, and has used about $2M of those proceeds to self fund his new startup so far.

Along with the CEO, the early team brings experience from MIT, Kitty Hawk, Lyft’s AV division, Neuralink, Lamborghini, and other eVTOL companies.

Now, the CEO is looking for a Chief of Staff to help him build out the company and disrupt the $825B global airline industry.

About the role

This is a very early Chief of Staff role that is focused on working closely with the CEO to build a world-changing company from the ground up.

Interest in aviation is a must. Prior experience in it is a plus.

Who you are:

  • You are passionate about aviation and the future of travel.
  • You’re a scrappy problem solver that thrives in fast-moving environments.
  • You love going from 0 to 1 and building systems and processes that can scale.
  • You are comfortable talking with all kinds of people (team members, investors, founders, potential recruits, etc), have high EQ, and can be trusted to handle sensitive relationships.
  • You are proactive--you identify gaps or opportunities for improvement and take action.
  • You are hungry for responsibility and growth.
  • You’re comfortable with GSuite, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • You love brainstorming with others, but also love getting an assignment to execute independently.

Your work could include

  • Recruiting:
    • Build and run our recruiting process. Within the next year, we will be hiring:
      • Technical roles: structural, propulsion, aerodynamics, power electronics, electrical, design engineering.
      • Non-technical roles: operations, finance, project managers, FAA regulatory experts.
    • Represent the company on initial calls with candidates, and give the CEO your recommendation on which candidates you think will be a good fit.
    • Build a strategy for finding and engaging incredible candidates to build their interest in the company over time. We are playing the long game here -- we want and believe we can get the best people on our team.
    • Planning dinners and events to meet potential recruits.
    • Find, engage, and oversee external recruiting agencies to ensure we are being creative and effective at finding the best people.
  • Helping with fundraising:
    • Work with the CEO and outside advisers to develop a list of target investors who can be the greatest value-adds for the company, including early-stage investors for our upcoming raise and later-stage investors for future raises.
    • Devise a strategy for getting in contact with each of these investors.
    • Give useful and direct feedback to the CEO on pitch decks and presentations.
    • Work with outside advisers to draft press releases and devise a press strategy for when the company emerges out of stealth.
    • Create financial models explaining our fundraising purpose and needs.
    • Work with our lawyers to vet term sheets and other contracts.
  • Building company systems:
    • Work with the CEO to map company milestones and benchmarks, and actively monitor them to ensure they’re being achieved or adjusted when necessary
    • Build processes and frameworks for internal consistency, such as processes for advancement, team meeting cadences, our company values, etc.
  • Finance, legal, and HR:
    • Work with outside finance vendors to oversee monthly spending and budgets.
    • Find and engage outside vendors to establish payroll and benefits.
    • Work with lawyers to create employment contracts, compensation packages, vesting schedules, etc.

Some experiences that could make you a good fit (not necessary, just nice to have)

  • Deep interest in aviation
  • Experience working at Boom Supersonic, SpaceX, Scaled Composites, Kitty Hawk, Ampaire, VoltAero, Wing, Tesla, Joby Aviation, Zunum, Magnix, and other eVTOL companies
  • Experience at pre-seed or seed-stage startups, or in other small, scrappy, fast-paced environments
  • Experience building systems from the ground up
  • Experience hiring, recruiting, and building out interviewing processes
  • Experience with fundraising from VCs

We look forward to getting to know you!

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