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Chief of Staff

United States
Nov 5, 2022
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May 4, 2023

POSITION: Chief of Staff

COMPANY: Trade and Travel

REPORTING TO: Founder, Teri Ijeoma

STATUS: Full time independent contractor


LOCATION: fully remote, should be able to work on ET

START DATE: late November/early December 2022



Trade and Travel educates everyday people on how to trade stocks for income. We are on a mission to change the narrative of trading - where traditionally, 95% of people fail. We teach people how trading can be part of your current life, and how it's a viable option to create income, now. We do this through our signature 8 week online course, events, masterminds and our continuity/subscription service for previous students who still wish to be coached and involved in our community. A future vision will include creating a new membership/community for external leads.

We are on the hunt for an experienced Chief of Staff who has a strong understanding of digital marketing and funnels. In addition to being the Founder’s second in command, this role will be the bridge between Marketing and Operations. You will drive the planning, direction and performance of Operations, Sales and Marketing and hold the team accountable to KPIs while continuously tweaking strategy to keep us on pace. You will play a leadership role in optimizing the company’s operations, developing and executing long-term strategic plans, and leading the initiative to implement future iterations of our programs so we can continue to evolve and scale. It is required that you understand the online business model to succeed in this role.

This is a remote, full time independent contractor position. While there is flexibility in the role, we ask that you are able to work on ET zone and be flexible to work later or earlier depending on the needs of the team. Many of our webinars and sales activities happen in the evening.


  • You are business and profit minded. You are on a mission to impact the company's successes and bottom line.
  • You have experience supporting businesses with revenue of $100mil+.
  • You have previous experience in the digital marketing online products/services industry.
  • You have a passion to take a company from 8 figures to 9 figures.
  • You are highly competent, diligent, focused, and organized.
  • You are able to uplevel systems when you see there is a better way of doing something and are confident in making those recommendations to the Founder.
  • You understand the nuances that come with small business start-ups and can be nimble to adapt.
  • You are a people person. You enjoy being a manager and having direct reports.
  • You have built teams from the ground up and can lead our hiring efforts end-to-end, including leadership hiring.
  • You have a strong understanding of funnels and can see when marketing systems aren't working. You are able to strategize to bring solutions.
  • You have a demonstrated track record of success in architecting processes to create structure and improve team efficiency.
  • You are driven by data. You can lead a team to reach marketing KPI targets and can continuously tweak the strategy to keep us on course.
  • You've led high performance teams and have given positive and constructive feedback, developing your team to reach their potential, all through the lens of profitability. You know how to hold people accountable in a way that promotes their positive development.
  • You have a good eye for design. You can put together a presentation with a beautiful eye and polished look using either OneNote, Powerpoint, Prezi, etc.
  • You are a strong problem solver, extremely proactive in nature and can anticipate the needs of the business.
  • You are a wiz at creating project plans and can execute the plan.
  • You are flexible and ready to help launch new product lines.
  • You have the ability to prioritize ideas based on what will bring us closer to our vision.
  • You can naturally see two steps ahead and see through the impact of your decisions.
  • You have strong experience with digital marketing tools. The tech we use in our business:: Leadpages, Teachable, Webinarjam, Convertkit, Stripe, Clickfunnels, Asana, Slack.
  • You are a big picture thinker with big expectations.
  • You are smart, driven and an overachiever.
  • You naturally go above and beyond with your work.
  • You are a self starter; you can just begin and course correct as you go.
  • You have a strong ability to prioritize your own time.
  • You have experience in the education field as we often refer to ourselves as a school and future plans may include running a university or a continued education platform (this is not a requirement, but a bonus to the role).


Project + Process Management

  • Fully extract the Founder’s vision for new projects + ideas and distill it down into detailed project plans across Operations, Marketing, Sales and Student Success
  • Track project status’ and provide updates to the Founder
  • Uphold solid rhythms of accountability for the team by way of task and process management
  • Fine-tune our current processes in Trainual and build new process as we go
  • Refine and streamline day-to-day operations to create a high level of efficiency
  • Serve as final check, or quality control, before signing off on deliverables
  • Create aesthetically pleasing presentations for the Founder in OneNote, Powerpoint, Prezi, etc.
  • Assist in the planning of our events and conferences

HR + Team Management

  • Expand our organizational chart with strategic intention
  • Attract, hire, and retain talent that would excel in our culture. Manage hiring process from end-to-end.
  • Manage the performance and execution of the responsibilities of teammates. You are the liaison between the Founder and the team members.
  • Create stronger communication organization in Slack
  • Implement a cadence for all meetings (daily, weekly, monthly etc)
  • Facilitate quarterly planning meetings
  • Lead performance review meetings
  • Manage the team with reminders and accountability; promote a culture of accountability
  • Ensure the team is healthy, functional, communicative, and cohesive
  • Manage the onboarding and offboarding process

Strategic Guidance, Leadership + Data

  • Be the bridge between Marketing and Operations
  • Drive the planning and direction of all aspects relating to Operations, Sales and Marketing and have direct management over these departments as well as finance and legal
  • Analyze the sales process and decide the best way to facilitate sales of the online course
  • Help us launch new product lines; financial gaming app and merchandise line
  • Track marketing KPIs and have a strong pulse on the data to ensure we are on pace. Lead the team to hit our targets.
  • Track conversion rates, success of students, data around audiences, ad spend etc. Adjust strategy if we are not on pace
  • Strategically engineer a path to our vision by looking at org chart, finances, metrics to understand what needs to happen to get there. Create this roadmap.
  • Assist in ideation, improvements, and project fulfillment to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the business
  • Deeply engaged and involved in the day-to-day operation; make suggestions and adjustments as necessary ensuring we operate as efficiently as possible
  • Review financials and contribute to decisions based on data
  • Collect, review, and analyze reports, stats, and general data
  • Serve as the team leader and the Founder’s second in command


Teri Ijeoma began her professional career working in education and nonprofits. When she started trading stocks eleven years ago, she initially saw it as an opportunity to simply supplement her income. However, she was so successful with this side hustle that in 2017, she decided to quit her job, travel the world, and begin trading full-time.

Teri now offers an online curriculum that shares her investing strategies with people all over the world. She also partners with organizations and companies to train and empower individuals to achieve financial freedom and build wealth through investing. She was the Grand Champion of Teachable’s 2019 Creator Challenge and has been featured in Black Enterprise, Yahoo Finance, ABC, NBC, and FOX.

APPLY at this link prior to Nov. 11, 2022

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