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London, UK
Nov 25, 2021
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The role:

You will be Chief of Staff, acting as an extension of the Head of the UK market, responsible for supporting the successful launch of the market. This is rare opportunity to be on ground, day one. You will learn the process of building a team, operational setup, launching brands and quickly scaling to thousands of orders per week.

In this role you will swarm on the highest priority areas across the business, from operations, to brands to customer experience. You will identify opportunities, scope solutions and deliver business critical projects. One day you could be in our pharmacy driving operational improvements, the next day supporting a national PR campaign for a new brand launch.

To be successful in this role, you will have to work cross-functionally with technology, product development, operations, growth and creative specialists to deliver our products and services in to the UK market on time. There will be a large amount of complexity coordinating different brands, a new market, and different time zones. You should be able to manage multiple tasks at once and be excited by this challenge.

There is a huge amount of autonomy attached to this role - we like to hire great commercial generalist talent from high pressure environments. We surround them with the resources they need and trust them to make decisions.

In the past, these roles have been the training grounds for leaders who would eventually become general managers for our brands or markets. As we expand and complexity in the business increases, there will be opportunities to lead brands, markets, partnerships and new distribution channels.

Example projects you could be leading in this role could include:

  • Set up the logistics network to ensure we meet our target delivery time
  • Scope a new brand or product for the UK market
  • Monitor key metrics and develop initiatives in these areas of opportunity
  • Write the playbook on how to successfully launch international markets

Experience required

About You


  • 2-4+ years in a high performance environment, whether that is management consulting, investment banking, technology or a high growth startup.
  • Undergraduate degree in science or health (desirable but not required).


  • Currently based in London, or willing to move to London for minimum 1 year.

Skills required?

We’re looking for generalists with a track record of delivering great work. We aren’t fussy about where, or in what context, but we would love to see examples of where you have delivered an incredible product, feature, paper, strategy or case that has changed the course of a project.

So what skills are we after?

  • The ability to break down problems and understand trade-offs: Taking something from zero to one is largely about charting a path through uncertainty and understanding the importance of making trade-offs along the way. This includes bringing trade-offs to decision points, clearly articulating the unknowns, making a decision and moving forward.
  • Executional powerhouse: Strategy is simple, achieving it through flawless execution that will be hard, yet critical. When launching a new market it's important to be proactive and tackle problems before they arise. Maintaining momentum will require good judgment and acting quickly within a fast-paced environment.
  • The ability to build trust in those around you: Great stakeholder managers build trust in those they work with. In our experience this comes down to reliability, knowing when to lean on the expertise of others and the ability to win hearts and minds across the organisation.‍
  • Team player: At the early stages of market launch, there will be blurred lines between roles and we will all need to pitch in to get the job done. This includes being ready to help others, motivating the team and prioritising what will move the needle, regardless of task or team.
  • Strong generalist toolkit: Exceptional written, presentation, and verbal communications skills that can be applied across organisational levels, countries and cultures. Comfortable with numbers and synthesising data into clear insights and opportunities.

Why join Eucalyptus?

We are building the future of accessible, patient-centric healthcare right here in Australia!

In just 2 years, we've grown to over 100 000 patients across 3 companies. Blackbird, who invested in us, put us among the fastest-growing companies they have ever funded.

What do we do, exactly?

Well, we have built a technology platform to deliver healthcare to Australians with a level of care and depth that brings healthcare into the internet age. We plug into doctors, specialists and pharmacies from all over the country, and our brands (PilotKin and Software) cater for different demographics. Our most recent brand, Normal, is changing the conversation around sexual health and wellness.

How do we work?

Things move quickly here. We like to set goals with the mindset that if we hit them all we haven’t challenged ourselves enough. You’ll be surrounded by a world-class team of thinkers, designers, engineers and leaders who are obsessed with three things:

  1. The health and wellbeing of the average person
  2. Creating personalised, engaging, convenient user-experiences
  3. Making healthcare fun and interesting (because it is)

The organisation is flat and decision making happens regularly and rapidly at every level of the org. We believe too many chefs spoil the broth and ultimately people are given the freedom to make decisions (and mistakes), and learn from the journey. Ultimately, we believe ideas are cheap and execution is more important than anything.

Why you'll thrive here

We want to set you up for success from day one, ensuring you’ll thrive here because you’ll:

  • Come in at the ground floor at one of the fastest growing startups in the country while we are still small (~80 people).
  • An awesome office in Haymarket, near Central (with flexible work – esp. during COVID).
  • See the meaningful impact of your work on over tens of thousands of actual users (check out the customers that love us!).
  • Learn from some of Australia’s best marketers, engineers and creatives, joining a diverse team from Atlassian, Canva, Koala, McKinsey, BuzzFeed, Optiver, Halter and more.
  • A share in the company (equity), so you are rewarded for your best work.
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