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Nov 11, 2022

About Assurance

Assurance IQ is a technology company headquartered in Seattle. We were acquired by Prudential (NYSE: PRU) to further the joint mission of improving financial wellness across the world.

Our team of world class software engineers, data scientists, and business professionals work every day to expand our product offerings and the reach of our platform. We simplify the complex world of insurance and financial services into straightforward, valuable solutions to improve people's lives. We start by asking customers a few questions, so our system can learn about their needs; from there, our ground-breaking, proprietary platform takes over and analyzes the thousands of data points that make customers unique. This is how we create custom-tailored plans for each customer; plans built precisely for their needs and budget. Our platform serves as the intersection between customer and seller, technology, and the human touch.

At Assurance, we are innovative, persevering, collaborative, calculated, and authentic, and we're working together to improve the lives of millions!


In this role, the selected candidate will have a unique opportunity to support the CEO and Executive Team of Assurance IQ in driving forward our strategy, helping to enhance our operational excellence, and finding ways to optimize the connection between our people and our business priorities. You will collaborate closely with the senior leadership team (SLT) within Assurance to assess needs, define approaches, implement solutions, and evaluate outcomes. In your unique position, you will help us to consistently implement new and better ways to drive a high-performance culture. You will have an up-close personal and professional view at the most senior levels of every part of the business. You will report directly to the CEO and will be based in Seattle.


Developing and coordinating the Assurance Leadership Forum and other senior leadership meetings and offsites/onsites. Responsibilities will include designing a productive and engaging meeting, helping to manage the meeting in real-time, taking notes as needed, and managing follow-ups;Having a clear and continuous pulse on business performance through tracking dashboards and engaging in regular meetings, bringing any areas of concern or needed attention to the CEO and senior leaders;Serving as a critical connection between the work of the People Team and our leaders, making sure that all employees are productive, engaged, and high-performing;Lead key initiatives when needed to ensure excellent execution and outcomes in a seamless, effective, and timely manner;Proactively follow-up and check-in on key strategies and priorities to ensure progress is being made on the desired timeline, or surface and help remove roadblocks when they occur;Help the senior leadership team track critical projects and manage to desired outcomes;Serve as a key liaison with Prudential, connecting with teams and coordinating efforts as needed.Support the CEO and executive team in creating presentations and documents as needed;Proactively identify opportunities where your engagement could drive results;Act as a key interface and partner to the Communications team regarding planning, supporting, and coordinating internal and external communications for the CEO and executive team.

Necessary Qualifications:

You have a demonstrated history of building relationships with a diverse set of stakeholders across an organization; you push without being pushy and disagree without being disagreeable; this relationship development allows you to drive execution of key initiatives in partnership with these stakeholders;You see ambiguity as an opportunity to drive clarity and alignment, and frustration as a chance to create a better process and outcomes; these skills enable you to execute both when there is a clear directive and when the ask itself will leave significant portions of the task for you to use your judgement to successfully execute upon; You have experience driving cross-functional, business critical initiatives from ideation to completion;

You behave according to our leadership principles:

Attract and Develop Talent – you know that talent is the most important ingredient in any company, and you obsess over finding ways to develop and find talent for the broader team.Focus on our Customers – you are customer obsessed, and push others around you to be the same.Rapidly Evolve – you know you will not be qualified for the job you have today one year from now if you don’t continuously learn and develop.Be Brave – you are ready for the tough conversations, and say what needs to be said when it needs to be said.Find the Solution – you love finding the solution, whether it comes from you or for someone else. You don’t point fingers or focus on the problem – when the problem is identified and understood, you move to finding the solution rapidly. Take Ownership – you treat the company you work for like an owner, and you take ownership of any and every problem if you think it will help us reach a better outcome. You have experience in a VP or higher role at a medium-sized company (100-2000 employees).You are eager to influence through indirect leadership, and have no issue with leading without direct management authority. You love to obsess over seamless execution of key initiatives, but also dream up what we could do next to achieve even better results.

You embody our cultural values:

Humble Collaborator – you leave your ego at the door, enjoy working with people across the organization, and don’t care if the solution is your idea as long as we find a great solution.Efficient Innovator – you work efficiently and prioritize getting to a good solution over the perfect solution, knowing that you will continuously iterate and improve what you have put together. Calculated Decision Maker – you are analytical, and very comfortable understanding and working with large amounts of data. You love obsessing over dashboards and using data to make better business decisions.Persevering – you don’t give up easily, and are always up for a new challenge.Authentic – you say what you mean, and mean what you say. You show up as yourself, and expect the same of others.

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