Pareto Holdings

Pareto Holdings

Chief of Staff

Miami, FL
Jan 14, 2022
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Pareto Holdings is looking for a Chief of Staff to be located in the Miami, FL area.

About Us:

Pareto Holdings is an investment and incubation vehicle created by Jon Oringer and Edward Lando and based in Miami, FL. We execute on dozens of investments per month, and start several technology companies per year. We have created billions of dollars of value over time, and plan to continue to do so. This is a unique opportunity and doesn’t come along often.

Our team consists of founders, operators, technologists, and subject matter experts in several technological fields. Our team has started companies from scratch, and scaled them to profitable publicly traded entities. We have hired and managed thousands of employees. We have the experience to create world changing companies.

What you will do:

The Chief of Staff will help manage our global portfolio of businesses and investments. This role will report directly to Jon, Ed and Nadav Ben-Chanoch. You’ll shadow their work, prioritize goals and projects, optimize workflows, and leverage the right resources to get things done. You will have independence to gain once-in-a-lifetime types of experience, and at the same time have the support you will need to succeed.

In this role you will drive impact by:

Helping us start new businesses:

We have more ideas than operators. We strategically incubate new ideas, pivoting when things don’t work, and doubling down when things do. You will help us find operators for new business ideas, do analysis on businesses we plan to launch, and help us optimize our portfolio allocation and maintain diversification. You will help with building a strategic framework around new investment theses and work with us on what we launch and when.

Helping us operate businesses we start:

We’re hands on and involved and you will be as well. You’ll help streamline communication between us and our CEOs, synthesize and follow up on action items from board meetings, and help execute operational initiatives. You will help with hiring and locating talent for our portfolio companies. You will match investors with portfolio companies and strategize on fund raises.

Helping us manage our portfolio of investments and startups:

We are often early investors and help build the companies we get involved with. You will help with hiring, investor relations, and strategy of businesses that we hold large stakes in. We make multiple investments per week and are able to gather intelligence across many industries. You will help us plan events globally and locally here in the Miami area. You will help us build our first office here in Miami.

Helping us manage and build the Pareto team:

As our investment portfolio continues to grow, so will our team. We are a lean team that efficiently operates on multiple workflows simultaneously. You will help manage our in-house team as well as external contractors and stakeholders. You will help us recruit and hire for new roles inside Pareto. You will be the central command center for the company.

About you:

  • You will have extraordinary oral and written communication skills, management experience, and the ability to work across many industries and different teams simultaneously.
  • You are extremely organized, have an ability to multitask, and have a desire to win.
  • You will have extensive experience in solving complex problems. work in an extremely fast paced environment, and be able to context switch often and productively.
  • You love technology and want to create an impact in the world.
  • You are humble and willing to put aside your ego.

How to Apply: Tell us why this role is right for you at

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