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Mar 16, 2024

📝About The Role

As the Chief of Staff at OpusClip, you will play a pivotal role in our executive team. This position involves working closely with our founders, offering strategic advice, and serving as the operational backbone of our rapidly growing company. Your role is crucial in driving OpusClip's vision forward, ensuring alignment across various departments, and leading initiatives that underscore our commitment to innovation and excellence in the AI + video domain.

🚀What You'll Achieve

  • Embrace a genuine entrepreneurial spirit, taking complete ownership and demonstrating outstanding execution.
  • Position yourself at the vanguard of generative AI within one of the most rapidly advancing AI video companies.
  • Engage across diverse functions, including product development, market strategies, data analytics, HR, legal, and more.
  • Apply your accumulated knowledge in one of the most challenging yet rewarding domains in the real world.
  • Accelerate your growth as a business leader, preparing yourself as an independent and seasoned founder in the future.

🎯Responsibilities You'll Embrace

  • Cross-functional Leadership: Oversee and manage diverse projects in back-office, business, and product.
  • Representation: Act as a representative for the founders and OpusClip in varied settings, communicating our mission and values with clarity and passion.
  • Industry Analysis: Continuously monitor industry trends, providing strategic insights to keep OpusClip at the forefront of the AI video tool industry.
  • Executive Coordination: Efficiently organize and lead executive meetings, ensuring effective communication and the seamless execution of strategic initiatives.
  • Agenda Management: Carefully manage the founders' agendas, with a focus on essential business priorities and strategic objectives.
  • Strategic Advisory: Offer valuable insights and analyses as a strategic advisor to the founders, guiding key decision-making processes.

🛠️Skills You'll Contribute

  • Startup Experience: At least 2 years of founding and operating a startup, preferably within the tech, content, or AI sector.
  • Analytical Prowess: Exceptional ability in analytical thinking, strategic planning, and problem-solving.
  • Communication Skills: Strong proficiency in engaging and interacting with a range of stakeholders.
  • Organizational Navigation: Skillful in maneuvering through complex organizational structures and implementing effective change.
  • Adaptability: Agility and resilience in a fast-paced and evolving work environment.

🎁Additional Qualifications That Stand Out

  • Corporate Operations: Experience in human resources, legal matters, investor relations, and other operational areas.
  • Social Media Acumen: A robust interest and experience in social media, especially in the realm of video content.
  • Video Editing Expertise: Hands-on experience in video editing, blending technical skills with creative vision.
  • Design Sensibility: A keen sense of design, demonstrating an eye for aesthetic quality and attention to detail.
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Apply before: 
Mar 16, 2024

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