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Dec 1, 2023

➡️ Business Head.

➡️ Contracted 2/3 months with potential to extend to full time.

➡️ MUST speak fluent English & Dutch.

Role Overview:

The Chief of Staff is a pivotal role responsible for coordinating between various departments, ensuring alignment with the CEO’s strategic vision, and facilitating the smooth and efficient progression of projects throughout the organization. This position requires a combination of strategic thinking, problem-solving, and operational acumen.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Strategic Alignment

- Work closely with the CEO to translate the company's vision and strategy into actionable plans.

- Ensure all departments are aligned with company-wide objectives and priorities.

2. Coordination & Communication

- Act as a liaison between different departments, fostering a culture of collaboration and unity.

- Facilitate communication between department heads, ensuring transparency and coherence.

- Coordinate company-wide meetings, forums, and executive briefings.

3. Project Management & Oversight

- Oversee cross-departmental projects, ensuring timely completion and adherence to defined objectives.

- Monitor and report on the progress of various initiatives to the executive team.

- Address and resolve any potential roadblocks or inter-departmental conflicts.

4. Operational Efficiency

- Optimize operational processes and workflows to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

- Identify bottlenecks and propose solutions to streamline operations.

5. Resource Allocation & Budgeting

- Assist in the annual budgeting process and ensure resources are appropriately allocated based on strategic priorities.

- Monitor budget expenditures across projects and departments, ensuring fiscal responsibility.

6. Stakeholder Engagement

- Engage with external stakeholders, partners, and advisors to gather feedback and insights.

- Represent the company at external events and conferences as needed.

7. Executive Support

- Assist the CEO with preparation for board meetings, investor presentations, and other high-level engagements.

- Provide insights and data-driven recommendations to support executive decision-making.


- Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Management, or a related field. Master’s or other advanced degrees are a plus.

- 3 to 5 years of experience in a similar role or a senior management position.

- Strong understanding of business operations, project management, and strategic planning.

- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

- Demonstrated ability to lead and motivate cross-functional teams.

- Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

- Familiarity with [specific software or tools relevant to the role, e.g., project management tools].

Personal Attributes:

- Proactive, with a strong sense of initiative and ownership.

- Adaptable to change and comfortable in a fast-paced environment.

- A diplomatic and collaborative mindset.

- High ethical standards and integrity.

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