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Oct 14, 2021
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About SoWork

Hello! Thank you for your interest in joining SoWork. We're a fast-growing startup founded at Harvard's Innovation Labs. Our big mission is to move the world of work from the Earth 🌎 to the Cloud ☁️**.** We're doing this by building the world's first MMOW ('massively multiplayer online workplace') where all the world's best teams work from, form communities, and socialize.

People spend the majority of their lives working - and there is no reason it shouldn't be delightful, functional, and all online. This would let people live their own lives on their own terms, wherever in the world they'd like. They'd be able to spend more time with loved ones, they'd be able to travel, and we as a group could then completely eliminate the need to commute into busy, expensive city centers. Once we start to make digital work wonderful and connected, we make remote work something that companies embrace and encourage. At scale - imagine what that does for our collective carbon footprint. We could really save the world here, people!

To do this, we've been hard at work building what will be a massive, open-world workplace, with private buildings and community, social spaces alike. Think 'World of Warcraft', but for work (World of Workcraft, anyone? ...No one? Ugh fine 😑). This is a place where business moves, community is made, and social events happen.

We'd love for you to join us! ⚔️

Team SoWork


We're at an exciting transition stage. We have real customers, a proper team, and an incredible market opportunity. What got us here, though, won't get us to the next stage. And a lot of the work that needs to be done to ensure we crush this next phase is in the operating systems that power everything we do. To add to that challenge, at Sophya we don't just build operating systems that work. We build smart, reinforcing systems that make us better by the nature of us using them every day.

The Chief of Staff will work directly with the COO, driving the execution of the COO's projects. They will take on a broad range of initiatives, defined by the COO, that aim to power Sophya's velocity via systems and processes. They will drive the successful implementation of projects, ensuring we achieve the outcomes intended, and then move on to the next initiative. The work is both fast-paced AND intentional.

The Chief of Staff to the COO is a pure generalist who wants to both put out fires AND fix the underlying systems that caused them, working as fast as effectively possible. They will stay until the job is done, leave areas better than when they arrived, and move on as soon as the outcome is achieved. They will calibrate their work for the startup that we are today while ensuring it's capable of powering us into tomorrow.

You will

  • Work directly with the COO, taking critical projects off her plate so she can have more leverage on the Organization. Read about her working style to get a sense of potential compatibility:
  • How Emma Works
  • Take on a broad range of defined projects around the Organization, driving their execution and outcome success.
  • Work effectively with the entire Organization, but never be in one place for too long.
  • Be solution-oriented and creative in solving problems, while ensuring that we always remain tethered to our strategies and cultural behaviours.
  • Possibly be beaten at Mariokart by Vish, or Eddy's girlfriend Olivia.
  • Commit to improving your communication skills every day.

You have

  • The desire to do generalist work, with the interest and discipline to stay in one place until the work is complete.
  • A mind that thinks in complex, dynamic systems. You can remove yourself from the noise and chaos. You naturally look for leverage, and see vicious cycles as opportunities to build virtuous ones. You can navigate complex system behaviours calmly, rapidly, and effectively.
  • An innate desire to troubleshoot root issues, and navigate finding and implementing solutions that solve them effectively and quickly.
  • The courage to take on projects in areas you've never been before. The ability to communicate well with people in that area, and use first principles to succeed wherever you find yourself.

You'll love

  • Intense Personal growth activities as part of your role. You'll level up as a human and leader every week.
  • Work from anywhere!
  • Highly competitive salary and equity.
  • Excellent medical, dental, and vision coverage.
  • Our rewarding 401k program.
  • Flexible vacation policy.
  • Special rates for student loan refinancing. (coming soon)
  • Special rates for mortgage financing for your home. (coming soon)
  • A SoWork Teammate badge for your avatar.
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