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Redwood City, CA
Jul 30, 2021
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Sep 7, 2021


Reporting to Brian Bell, CEO, the responsibility of the Chief of Staff will be to partner with the CEO and leadership team to drive alignment, focus, and execution as Split rapidly scales. You will serve as the ‘connective tissue’ between the leadership team and the rest of the organization, helping to connect the dots between people, functions, and projects to drive efficient business decisions. You will also lead cross-functional initiatives that are critical to the CEO and leadership team and own a portfolio of highly visible strategic projects that both align with the broader vision and long-term goals of the company and help unlock non-linear growth.

This is a unique, high impact role that broadens your understanding of what it takes to build a world class SaaS business and helps build and sharpen your executive-level mindset.

Key traits

  • Ownership mindset: you’re 100% trustworthy and hold yourself accountable to executing on the commitments you’ve made to the team. You can step up and lead when a key, complex cross-functional initiative doesn’t have a clear owner.
  • No fear in embracing new content: you’re a lifelong learner and are comfortable leaning into unfamiliar domains. You’re proactive and willing to tap into your internal and external networks to get up to speed on any and all topics.
  • Approachable and fluent when building relationships: you lead with high EQ and intentionally practice empathy with all employees, ranging from entry level to senior leadership.
  • Effective at context switching: you can switch from administrative meetings (ex. how are we executing on our project plan?) to more strategic meetings (ex. how should we incorporate internal expansion into our go-to-market model?) throughout the day.
  • Displays courage: given your position, you have full access to the happenings of the business, and can subsequently spot the gaps. You can triage these issues effectively and surface them to your CEO and leadership team. You’re able to lay out clear expectations and deliver feedback when expectations aren’t met.
  • **Collaborative & welcomes feedback: **although you strive for independence in your day-to-day, you can effectively partner with your colleagues to drive the business forward. You’re willing to leverage your senior leadership team for direct feedback as you execute on strategic projects.


  • Drive growth by driving business cadence: lead senior leadership meetings, staff meetings, senior leadership offsites, etc. Guide discussions by identifying actions to take offline, move agenda items forward, and summarize discussion points as a way to wrap up a conversation and move forward.
  • Partner with Split’s CEO to define, own, and drive a portfolio of strategic projects that would either fill a gap or accelerate a key company initiative and lead to an outsized impact for the company.
  • Partner with Split’s CEO & CFO to drive annual operating planning and multi-year strategic planning. Define Split’s top-line objectives & strategic focus areas. Lead and build presentations to effectively communicate these objectives & focus areas to all stakeholders within Split.
  • Enable the senior leadership team to tell a coherent narrative that focuses the Board’s attention on key business issues, through driving Board meeting preparation sessions & the production of Board materials.
  • Partner with Split’s CEO & Operations team to define and drive our internal communications strategy.
  • Help us scale our culture of Every Day, Every Detail, Every Voice, and Every Customer. Keep a pulse on the organization to maintain the focus on people.
  • Facilitate quarterly OKR planning & cross-functional processes on reporting and accountability.

About Split

Software is the heart of any enterprise, so product & engineering teams need to deliver features that have a direct and measurable impact on the business. Engineers want and need to deploy code quickly, but this can often lead to failures or other performance issues and, shockingly, 80% of new features have no or negative business impact. Split allows engineering and product teams to deliver and measure features that matter, faster.

Split’s platform expedites development and fuels experimentation. Feature flags free you to deploy when you want, roll out when ready, and dynamically adjust in production. Combining feature flags with ops data allows you to detect release issues, identify the feature, and kill it instantly if needed. The platform also integrates with product analytics data to measure impact through statistically rigorous A/B tests. Split sits at the intersection of software delivery and experimentation.

Company Highlights:

  • Well-funded: $60M raised through Series C from top-tier investors including Accel, Lightspeed, Comcast Ventures, with strategic investments from Atlassian, ServiceNow, and Microsoft M12
  • Ended 2020 with 2x growth, serving over 1 Trillion flags a month to over 1 Billion users, and tracking to over 25% ahead of plan
  • Team of 120+ and doubling in 2021
  • Headquartered in Redwood City, with offices in Boston and Argentina
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