Chief of Staff

San Francisco, CA
Hybrid ✅
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Jun 13, 2024

📝 Job Description

We're on the hunt for a scrappy Chief of Staff to join us in January or early February 2024, working directly with the founders. The ideal candidate will be a data-driven strategic thinker, adept in networking, sales, and elevating our presence in the industry. This is an opportunity to join a small, focused team and support a rapidly growing company.


🤝 Be the Face of PropRise

  • Champion our brand at industry events, making PropRise a household name.
  • Connect with all attendees at industry events, confidently introducing our brand and sparking conversations.
  • Develop and implement strategies to boost brand recognition and value.

🚀 Operations Dynamo

  • Take charge of various business operations, including sales, marketing, and project management.
  • Craft and steer our sales and marketing initiatives, driving our outreach and client acquisition.
  • Take the helm of our cold-calling operations, reaching out to prospective clients with precision and persuasion.

💼 Data-Obsessed Strategist

  • Delegate tasks efficiently, showing experience with virtual assistants or team management.
  • Contribute to company-wide data gathering efforts. An obsession with data is a huge plus!


  • Leadership experience with an eye for sales / brand strategy.
  • Great at networking and relationship-building. Enjoys attending events.
  • Background in sales, marketing, and cold-calling.
  • Loves collecting and analyzing data. Our whole product is data, afterall!
  • Grit. We are a small startup looking to make a big name for ourselves!
  • Has a scrappy mindset. You have to be pragmatic and be able to operate independently. We won’t have the bandwidth to coach or mentor you on the basics.
  • Available to start in January or February 2024.


  • Been a founder or initiated your own business venture.
  • Experience as a broker, or in real estate is a huge plus!
  • Experience building products or features from scratch.
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Apply before: 
Jun 13, 2024
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