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San Francisco, CA
Jul 21, 2021
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Hi! I'm Lucia, co-founder and CEO at Osmind! I'm looking for a Chief of Staff to be my partner in crime!

You'll be my right-hand person and a force-multiplier for me. We're at an incredibly exciting time in our company's growth. We just raised a massively oversubscribed Series A and are gearing up to hypergrow! There are a ton of incredible opportunities to be our team's swiss army knife and glue as we rapidly scale, build and deploy our product, and ultimately make significant progress in our mission to revolutionize mental health.

You and I will be partners in crime in this exciting phase. This is an opportunity to get your hands dirty with startup operating and to get a front seat view into what it's like to be a founder, operator, and CEO. My goal is to help you advance as an operator, get into a top business school, land a C-suite job, or even found your own company. This is role is a personalized bootcamp to help you get there!

We are returning to office in San Francisco, CA in September 2021 for a few days a week.


  • Partner with co-founders - primarily Lucia (CEO) and also work with Jimmy (COO) - to be a force multiplier and core operator for the company. Make sure we are operating at our peak capabilities
  • Work on a variety of special projects, including but not limited to:
    • Working hand-in-hand with Lucia to think through and execute on hiring plan
    • Liaise with potential strategic partners ranging from payers to other health tech startups
    • Setting critical goals for all departments and implementing systems to track progress and measure success
    • Work directly with CEO to put together investor and board materials; you'll have exposure to top Silicon Valley investors
    • Become an industry expert on psychiatry, psychedelics, and more so that you can suggest major strategies: e.g. competitive analysis, new-market entry strategies
    • Manage our budget, finances, and accounting


  • 3+ years of experience. Preferably some combination of investment banking, consulting, investing, startups
  • Deep understanding of U.S. healthcare system and passion for fixing our broken mental healthcare system
  • You thrive in ambiguity - we could throw a problem at you and you'll run with it and come up with a concrete action plan
  • Low ego - you're OK doing everything from leading high-stakes business development conversations to reconciling our monthly financials
  • Organized to a T - you are the type of person to consistently get to inbox zero and color code everything
  • You love the hustle and can operate autonomously - you're willing to email that one candidate we love 5 times to get them to speak with us; you're constantly thinking about ways we can be better as a company; you don't wait to be told what to do - by then you've already done it

A little bit about Lucia

  • I would like to think I am fairly low maintenance and considerate when working with my team (feel free to ask them!)
  • I care about your growth and want to get you as much exposure as possible, such as speaking with investors and high-profile partners or working on mission-critical projects
  • I pride myself in operating with transparency and kindness. I own up to mistakes when I make them and I'm excited for you to push me to be a better leader!
  • I love adventure! Find me out surfing or hiking on the weekends or even after work - and you're always welcome to join!

What we offer

  • Tremendous growth opportunity and autonomy given we're a high-growth startup. Our philosophy is to set team members up for career and personal growth
  • The ability to build something that actually moves the needle on our generation's biggest crisis, mental healthcare. Serve treatment-resistant mental health patients (1/3-1/2 of mental health patient population) who are the ones who need the most help. Contribute to one of the most innovative areas of medicine: frontier neuropsychiatry
  • An all-star team that is intellectually rigorous, highly collaborative, deeply caring, and likes to have fun. We also value diversity of thought and background
  • Flexible working hours to match your style
  • Competitive, upside-heavy compensation, healthcare, 401K matching, and office perks
  • Generous relocation bonus for those needing to move to San Francisco (Fall 2021 return to office)
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