Virtual Advisor Happy Hour and Q&A

Jan 14, 2021
Meet three outstanding COS Network advisors, Leigh Jaffe, Bryan Silverman and George Boyar, as they host a casual after work happy hour Q&A. Members are welcome to ask any and all questions - from day-to-day ops & tactics, executive team management, career progression, and more.
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Virtual Advisor Happy Hour and Q&A

Leigh is the Director of Corporate Development at Nautilus Labs, a maritime technology company building software to help shipping businesses reduce their fuel waste and improve sustainability. Her role involves managing marketing, business development, and business operations & finance functions.

She has been with Nautilus for 3 years during which she spent 2 years as Chief of Staff to the CEO, seeing the company through its Seed and Series A fundraise while helping stand up business critical functions such as sales, operations, finance, and HR.

Bryan is currently the VP of Audience Development at Suzy, and was formerly Chief of Staff. He was previously an Enterprise Account Executive at Crowdtap, which then pivoted to Suzy in September 2017.Before Crowdtap, Bryan started his own company with his brother - Star Toilet Paper/InStall Media. He and his brother ran that for 4 years, successfully selling ads on toilet paper and distributing it for free to venues.

George is currently the Chief of Staff at BRIO. He was previously the first employee and Chief of Staff at Mentor Collective, the leading partner for educational institutions to deploy and manage large-scale, sustainable mentoring programs that meet every student where they are in their journey to success.