Fundraising 101 — Fireside Chat with Micah Rosenbloom

Jun 9, 2021
How the CoS can best support fundraising processes at their companies.
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Fundraising 101 — Fireside Chat with Micah Rosenbloom

We have the great pleasure to sit down with Micah Rosenbloom, Managing Partner at Founder Collective!

We'll learn more about Micah's career founding companies and his transition to venture capital. We'll also discuss the latest trends in the booming venture market, the rise of CoS roles at startups and growth companies and best practices Chiefs of Staff can follow to support their teams through fundraising processes, investor relations, board meetings and more.


Micah Rosenbloom
Micah Rosenbloom

Managing Partner, Founder Collective

New York

Scott Amenta
Scott Amenta

Founder, Chief of Staff Network