DEI in the Workplace with Marie Roker-Jones

Feb 11, 2021
Join us for a live Q&A with Marie Roker-Jones, co-founder and co-CEO of Essteem. Marie has incredible experiences to share in her work implementing diversity & inclusion training at tech companies, running equalithons (hackathons for equality), and fostering better hiring practices and education programs creating new opportunities for underrepresented communities.
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DEI in the Workplace with Marie Roker-Jones


This event will take place on Upstream! We will start with a 15 min Q&A / Interview with Marie and then break out in pairs for 15 minutes of networking to further discuss our own experience with DEI in our companies.


To RSVP, please open the link on your phone, download the Upstream app to join the Event.

More about Marie

Marie Roker-Jones is the co-Ceo of Essteem. Essteem organizes Equalithons (hackathons for equality), first-of-its-kind, virtual DEI events that connect tech companies that uphold diversity and inclusion commitments to underrepresented tech talent who want to work for those companies. She is a social impact startup founder with over ten years of experience in leading gender and racial diversity strategies as a founder for Raising Great Men and senior editor for The Good Men Project. Marie also has workforce and career development experience creating workforce re-entry programs for underrepresented communities. She has helped tech companies and startups create inclusive and impactful work cultures through Veteran and military spouse hiring initiatives. Marie was the lead for The Charter for Compassion's Compassionate NYC and facilitated dialogue on privilege fragility, designing for inclusion, and debiasing through #CompassionConvos.


Marie Roker-Jones
Marie Roker-Jones

Co-CEO, Essteem

New York