Scalable/Equitable Culture & Internal Comms

Scalable/Equitable Culture & Internal Comms

Robin Merritt, CoS at Gainsight, joined us to discuss the tactics her and her team have used to build a very successful culture at Gainsight!


Gravity Success Plan (Example)


Gainsight’s Purpose is “to be living proof that you can win in business while being human-first.”

First and foremost, the Purpose of the Gravity team is to defend the company Purpose.

Values: Required for Continued Employment

The Gravity team must live Gainsight Values more than anyone else in the company. In particular, Gravity models Values in the following ways. We will assess each Gravity member on the Values below using the criteria as a guide through (1) a 360-degree survey twice a year and (2) review by the CEO once a quarter.

Golden Rule

  • Gravity members 100% observe the 24 hour email rule
  • Gravity members do not drop balls and hit their commitments
  • Gravity members always need to observe the following prioritization: Gainsight’s Needs > Your Team’s Needs > Your Needs
  • Gravity members recognize peers and teammates of other teams, not just their own
  • Gravity members understand each others’ goals and support each other
  • Gravity members are on time for meetings
  • Gravity members treat the most junior person in the company better than they treat the CEO
  • Gravity members fiercely advocate for Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging by making their teams, meetings and presenters Diverse and Inclusive
  • Gravity members do not interrupt each other or other teammates
  • Gravity members are present and active listeners
  • Gravity members are radically transparent
  • Gravity members default to trust
  • Gravity members demonstrate vulnerability internally and externally
  • Gravity members know feedback is a gift and don’t get defensive
  • Gravity members have emotional composure
  • Gravity members strike the balance between assertive and open-minded
  • Gravity members respect confidentiality
  • Gravity members don’t argue, they respectfully disagree and commit
  • Gravity members assume good intent
  • Gravity members quit well

Success for All


  • Gravity members look for ways to contribute positively to team morale - both for their own teams and in other parts of the org
  • Gravity members do not send non-critical emails on Saturdays
  • Gravity members conduct roundtables on every site visit and have a bias toward sharing more not less
  • Gravity members visit our offices and make time to visibly “walk the halls”
  • Gravity members deliver on time and do not require chasing to do so
  • Gravity members help teammates navigate cross-functional career opportunities, “jungle gym”-style


  • Gravity members go to holiday parties and other office functions and make an effort to meet many attendees, family members and alumnae


  • Gravity members meet clients and prospects via meetings, Executive Business Reviews and call playbacks
  • Gravity members understand our best practices
  • Gravity members read our blog posts
  • Gravity members are a role model for Customer Success


  • Gravity members understand and can explain our financial model
  • Gravity members tie their work to our financial model
  • Gravity members deeply understand our strategy and OPSP
  • Gravity members present effectively to our investors

Child-like Joy

  • Gravity members bring personality and passion to every communication
  • Gravity members find ways to drive joy in their teams
  • Gravity members laugh with each other and at ourselves
  • Gravity members imagineer and live by the philosophy that no idea is too crazy


  • Gravity members solicit input from teammates, customers, investors, alumnae, etc. and close the loop on this input and what they did with it
  • Gravity members respect naive experts
  • Gravity members respect true experts too
  • Gravity members start with why
  • Gravity members build on teammates’ ideas by practicing “yes, and…”

Stay Thirsty

  • Gravity members are on the field and don’t lead from the top
  • Gravity members help in new and existing customers to hit our goals
  • Gravity members have a bias toward action for clients
  • Gravity members can demo our product and learn about each release
  • Gravity members are extremely productive and get things done
  • Gravity members embrace hard things and don’t complain - they realize “nobody cares
  • Gravity members offer alternatives and solutions to the problems at hand
  • Gravity members are comfortable having their role, goals or team changed because they realize Gainsight > Team > Self
  • Gravity members are prolific


The company FY21 Vision is “Maintain sustainable leadership in the growing Customer Success market with progress to profitability.”



  • 24 hour email rule
  • Do not drop balls
  • Be on time
  • Send agenda in advance for all meetings
  • Turn on your video for calls unless you’re driving
  • Be a visible leader in meetings - walk around, facilitate, etc.
  • Demonstrate empathy for our stakeholders
  • Don’t multitask in meetings

Weekly / Bi-weekly

  • Fill out Geekbot report on Sunday and lean toward MORE detail, not less
  • Attend Gravity meeting - send pre-read for your content in advance
  • Attend relevant portions of Weekly Business Review - send pre-read for your content in advance
  • Find a way to communicate about your team - Slack post, email, video, etc.


  • Make sure they happen - it’s on you
  • Create a shared Slack channel for the 1-1 titled “nick-[your name]-1-1”
  • 24 hours before 1-1, put your agenda in our shared Slack channel for 1-1s
  • After 1-1, put your notes/action items in that channel


  • Attend Monthly Business Review


  • Present at All Hands