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May 2023 #ask-for-help themes

May 2023 #ask-for-help themes


In this post, we've collated the key themes and links shared in our #ask-for-help Slack channel in May 2023. We cover a wide range of topics relevant to various aspects of business operations and strategies. From nurturing customer connections to overcoming interview challenges, we delve into insights, recommendations, and practical information. Let's explore these diverse topics that cater to different areas of expertise and interests.

  1. Boosting Executive-Level CRM Programs: Best Practices and Insights
    When dealing with executive-level relationships, it's essential to have a robust CRM program in place. The responses shared by industry professionals shed light on various strategies and practices that can be implemented to nurture these valuable connections systematically. Here are some helpful links:
  1. Crafting a Memorable Leadership Offsite: Team-Building and Compensation Considerations
    Planning a leadership offsite requires careful consideration of both team-building activities and compensation philosophy. By adopting alternative approaches, such as the lean version of "36 questions for increasing closeness," leaders can create opportunities for meaningful connections among team members.. Here are some links to resources that can help you build and manage an effective executive team:
  1. Exploring Large Language Models in Your Organization: Assessments and Frameworks
    Incorporating large language models like GPT into an organization requires a thoughtful approach. By leveraging insights shared by professionals in the Slack thread and implementing frameworks and assessments, organizations can explore the potential benefits of these models effectively. Here's a helpful link to get you started:
  1. Achieving SOC 2 Compliance with Vanta: Expert Recommendations and Success Stories
    Achieving SOC 2 compliance through Vanta is a critical step for organizations looking to establish robust data security and privacy practices. By following the recommendations of experienced professionals and learning from success stories, organizations can navigate the compliance process with confidence. Here are some links:
  1. Navigating the Return to the Workplace: Balancing Flexibility and In-Person Collaboration
    Returning to the workplace requires careful consideration of employees' preferences, productivity, and the benefits of in-person collaboration. By offering flexibility, creating an engaging workplace environment, equipping the office effectively, facilitating hybrid team meetings, and evaluating productivity and flexibility, organizations can strike a balance between remote and in-person work arrangements. Here are some useful links:
  1. Finding the Perfect Content Calendar Software: Expert Recommendations
    Selecting the right content calendar software is crucial for streamlining your content planning and scheduling processes. By considering the expert recommendations, including Monday.com, Buffer and Airtable, Asana, Airtable, and Notion, you can find the ideal solution that aligns with your specific requirements. Here are some useful links:
  1. Building a Solid Sales Process: Insights and Recommendations
    As companies grow, a well-defined and documented sales process becomes essential. By leveraging CRM software like HubSpot, focusing on core processes, assigning ownership and updates, securing leadership buy-in, and making the most of available resources, businesses can establish an effective sales process. Here are some useful links:
  1. Establishing Your Role as a CoS: Strategies for Success
    As a CoS, staking your claim within the company requires understanding expectations, embracing your role as a generalist, and forging your path within the organization. Here are some useful links:
  1. Revamping Your Employee Onboarding Process: Valuable Templates and Insights
    Revamping the employee onboarding process is essential for organizations seeking to provide a smooth and impactful transition for new hires. By exploring recommended templates and toolkits, gathering insights from professionals, and prioritizing IT setup and security, organizations can enhance their onboarding experience and set the stage for new employees' success and productivity. Here are some links to compensation benchmarking tools that can help you keep track of industry trends:
  1. Navigating Job Interviews: Insights and Lessons Learned
    Job interviews can be complex and multifaceted experiences. By understanding the interviewer's perspective, seeking clarification, updating job descriptions, trusting instincts, and carefully evaluating offers, job seekers can navigate interviews with confidence and make informed decisions about their career paths. Remember, each interview is a learning opportunity, and with the right mindset and preparation, the right fit will come along. Here are some useful links:


From customer-centric strategies to technical compliance, team building activities to sales process scalability, this blog post covers a diverse range of topics to cater to a wide audience. Whether you're a marketing professional, a leader planning an offsite, or an HR manager focused on onboarding, you'll find valuable insights and recommendations in these areas. Stay tuned for future articles where we'll explore these topics in more detail.

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