Angela Rouse Fireside - Master Generalist


Angela Rouse


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Jun 4, 2021

Angela Rouse Fireside - Master Generalist

Angela Rouse, fmr CoS at SeatGeek sat down with us to discuss what it means to be a generalist and how she's approached skill building throughout her career. Angela currently serves as the Head of Enterprise Operations at SeatGeek, having taken her experience as a CoS to apply it more directly to lead a more specialized operations team.

Some of the topics discussed include:

  • Before working at SeatGeek, you were a strategy manager at RedBull, how did that experience prep you for your eventual CoS role?
  • How did you get into your CoS role at SeatGeek?
  • What were some of the big projects you worked on that stood out in your CoS experience? How did you orient yourself to own these projects?
  • What does being a generalist mean to you?
  • Where did you want to develop as a CoS on the spectrum from Generalist to Specialist? Where did your company need you?
  • How do you think about developing a generalist skill set? What resources, communities, coaches, etc have been helpful to you?
  • Can you tell us more about your transition from CoS to leading Enterprise Operations at SeatGeek?
  • What are you working on right now? Do you manage a team? Have your generalist skills needed to change at all?
  • What’s the best professional advice that you’ve ever been given?
  • Parting words you have for current CoS?